At Kentdale Honey, we bring Rare Bio-Active Honey from Western Australia to the world.

Offering some of the Highest Levels of Antimicrobial Activity on the market, our premium Bio-Active Marri is independently tested and verified to be up to 3x Stronger than medical grade Manuka* Direct from the Beekeeper and produced without the use of Antibiotics or Chemicals, our Limited Reserve truly is Beyond Manuka.


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 Limited Reserve


Direct from the Source!

Bio-Active Marri vs Manuka 

How does Bio-Active Marri honey from Western Australia stack up against world renowned Manuka? -Actually very well indeed! We wont spoil it for you. Click here to read on...

Our Story

Learn about our values as a business and

how we produce the best Bio-Active honey on the Market. 

TA, UMF, NPA, MGO Explained

Trying To shop for Bio-Active honeys like Manuka or Marri but don't know what all the different ratings mean? Here we show you a handy comparison equivalency chart and explain all of the abbreviations.