What does TA 44 mean?

TA stands for 'Total activity' and is a measure of how much antimicrobial activity is present in honey. The higher the number, the more effective the honey in its therapeutic applications and bacteria killing strength. Any honey with a TA level of 10 or above is considered to be therapeutic. Honey with TA levels of 20 or above is currently used in hospitals. Our honey is TA 44, making it up to 3x the antimicrobial strength of medical grade honey*  

To see how our TA level rating compares to others such as UMF, NPA, MGO, click here

*please note that medical grade honey used in hospitals is gamma irradiated and highly filtered to ensure it is free of contaminants. We believe our honey should be raw and as close to its natural state as possible. It is hand extracted, cold  filtered and jarred. Nothing else. As such there may be small amounts of wax/pollen present and while these are perfectly safe to eat, we can not recommend our honey for wound dressings or other hospital based applications.

How does Bio-Active Marri Honey compare to Manuka?

Both Manuka and Marri are types of Bio-Active honey that have been confirmed by multiple studies to have potentially therapeutic health benefits due to their high levels of antimicrobial activity. While not so well known, West Australian Marri honey often has much higher levels of antimicrobial activity than its New Zealand Manuka counterpart. 

How should I use Bio-Active Marri Honey?

Bio-Active honey should be eaten cold to preserve its natural enzymes and antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Do Not add Active honey to hot tea! this will damage the honeys Bio-Active attributes and reduce its effectiveness. We suggest taking one tablespoon a day, either straight from the jar or spread on toast or added to yogurt. Numerous scientific studies have concluded that this can promote oral health, soothe sore throats, help with with digestive symptoms, help reduce the symptoms of cold and flu and prevent stomach ulcers. 

Why is my Bio-Active Marri honey Crystallized?

Although something may look wrong with your honey, we assure you, there isn't. In fact, its probably a good sign. Raw honey will naturally crystallize to protect its chemical makeup. The speed at which honey crystallizes depends on how much glucose is present in the honey. Honey can crystallize in as little as a week, or it can take months. Marri honey is very high in glucose and so forms crystals in a very short period of time. It is completely safe to eat and some people even prefer it over runny honey as it is easier to spread and less messy. We do not recommend  heating Bio-active honey, as this may be detrimental to its antimicrobial properties

Can Bio-Active honey help with Covid-19 Coronavirus?

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Manuka and Bio-Active honeys during the global Coronavirus pandemic. While Active honey has not yet been proven to be effective against coronavirus specifically, it has been found to be effective in relieving symptoms of coughs and sore throat, common symptoms of Covid-19. Bio-Active honeys can also contribute to general health by supporting immune response and helping the body to fight infections.

The US National Library of Medicine currently lists Clinical trials being undertaken by MISR University, investigating the effectiveness of natural honeys that are high in Antimicrobial Activity against symptoms of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE) currently list honey as the first line of defence in reducing the symptoms of acute coughs due to upper respiratory tract infections. 

How do I know that your Bio-Active honey is Genuine?

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product that we stand by. Although  less Known than Manuka, we strongly believe (and many independent studies seem to agree with us)  that our West Australian Bio- Active Marri is among the best in the world. Our TA levels are verified by  independent laboratory ChemCentre WA as part of the Australian Government National measurement Institute. We test in small batches. This extremely high grade TA 44 Bio-Active Marri is Limited to a run of only 560 Jars.


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TA is expressed as % equivalent phenol. 

The result for the sample is 44% or TA 44, which is beyond the linear range of the standard curve of results. In other words, our TA level is so high that the National Measurement Institute cannot  assign a standard category to suit. This Just goes to show how special and rare our Bio-Active Marri Honey actually is.