Bio-Active Marri Honey TA 44  8.8oz (250g).


Extremely Rare with an Antimicrobial Activity level this high. Reserved to a run of only 560 jars, stock is very limited.


Direct from the Beekeeper, our honey is 100% Raw, Cold extracted, rough filtered and produced without the use of chemicals or antibiotics.


Total Activity (TA) level has been independently verified by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute and ChemCentre WA. 

A result of TA 44 means that our Bio-Active Marri honey has 2x the antimicrobial activity of UMF 26 MGO 1282 Manuka honey or 3x the activity of medical grade honey used in hospitals (TA 20).* Our Marri honey is also extremely high in antioxidants.To find out more read our "All About Active Marri" page.


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Kentdale honey is a small beekeeping business located in South West, Western Australia, focusing on the production of quality gourmet and Bio-Active honeys. Boasting some of the highest levels of antimicrobial activity in the world, our TA 44 Bio-Active Marri truly is Beyond Manuka.


Please be aware: Just like Manuka Honey, fake Bio-Active Marri honey has been known to circulate on the open market, usually at hugely discounted rates. Be aware of retailers that claim activity levels without displaying a certificate of analysis issued by the Australian Government Institute of measurement. Over long periods in storage, antimicrobial activity in Bio-Active honeys may decline. To make sure that you are purchasing the best product possible, order direct from the beekeeper in Western Australia, not third party retailers. 


We proudly display our Lab reports right here on our website. This single Batch of Raw, Bio-active Marri is TA 44 and was Tested on April 16th 2020. The batch is extremely limited to only 560 8.8oz jars, ensuring a quick turnover. When you buy from us you are ensured of authenticity and genuine Antimicrobial levels.


Every jar is sent out with a copy of our lab report to ensure Authenticity.


Raw honey will naturally crystallize over time. This may be anywhere from a week to many months. Don't worry! This is a 100% natural process that helps to preserve enzymes in the honey. It is fine to use as is and some even prefer  crystallized honey due to its unique texture and ease of use.


To see our Certificate of Analysis, go to the "Lab Reports" page under "All About our Bio-Active Marri" tab.


*please note that medical grade honey used in hospitals is gamma irradiated and highly filtered to ensure it is free of contaminants. We believe our honey should be raw and as close to its natural state as possible. It is hand extracted, cold rough filtered and jarred. Nothing else. As such there may be small amounts of wax/pollen/propolis present and while these are perfectly safe to eat, we can not recommend our honey for wound dressings or other hospital based applications.




Highest Grade Bio-Active Marri Honey. Limited Reserve. TA 44

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  • Bio-Active Marri. TA 44. Limited Reserve. Highest Grade.

    2x 8.8oz (250g) net weight. 

    Direct from the beekeeper.

    Raw, unprocessed.

    Cold extracted and cold rough gravity filtered. 

    100% Made in Western Australia.

    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.